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Draft strategy supports sustainable fisheries management in the Pacific

AUSTRALIA | Friday, November 28, 2014
Australia will present a draft harvest strategy for key tuna species at the annual meetin...


Salmon price status at week 48
Norway | 21:50 | Fresh salmon export volumes for week 47 are down 190 tonnes compared to week 46 and down 2... Full Story
Iglo Group increases sales despite ‘challenging’ market
United Kingdom | 04:10 | Iglo Group reported net sales 2.7 per cent increase year-on-year in the third quarter 2014 and an EBITDA growth by 9.7 per cent despite the ‘tough’ market conditions affecting the frozen product market. Full Story
Artisanal and small scale squid fishery to be strengthened
Peru | 03:40 | The Ministry of Production prepublished legislation approving the rules for the formalization, adaptation and consolidation of artisanal and small-scale jumbo flying squid (Dosidicus gigas) fishery. Full Story
From a Small Fishery Business to a Global Company
Thanks to many years of experience in the fishing industry and a fleet of modern factory trawlers, today Sirena supplies all sorts of frozen fish and seafood to customers all over the world.
Hannaford Begins Selling Redfish
For the last three years, GMRI has partnered with restaurants and retailers to help build markets for redfish and four other abundant species from the Gulf of Maine including whiting, Atlantic pollock, dogfish, and mackerel.
Farmed Yellowtail Kingfish from Australian Clean Seas Confirmed Sustainable
Clean Seas, commercial producer of Yellowtail Kingfish with operations in the pristine waters of South Australia, has been confirmed compliant with all the strict Friend of the Sea criteria for aquaculture at sea.
Ibercisa To Suplly Deck Machinery for New Fishermen Finest's Trawler
This will be the first vessel which adheres to the energy efficiency new rules in the U.S. and Fishermen Finest has given priority to promote efficient energy use by supplying electric drive to all its deck machinery.
New shrimp species discovered in South African waters
South Africa Researchers from the University of Cape Town have identified a tiny shrimp specimen with banded, stalked eyes, and gaudy red 'warning' colouring in South African waters.
QR code created to enhance seafood traceability
Australia Non-for-profit entity driving sustainability in the local seafood industry OceanWatch Australia has devised a unique QR code for fresh seafood in an attempt to boost traceability.
Fisheries-aquaculture cooperation issues with China agreed
Argentina Argentine and Chinese officials met in Beijing to address issues related to training in aquaculture, the resolution of authorizing additives use, fishmeal exports and new investments in the fisheries-aquaculture sector.
Colombia, Peru and Chile agree to strengthen fisheries monitoring
Peru Peru, Colombia and Chile have agreed to strengthen their fishing supervision as part of a regional effort to combat illegal fishing and crimes affecting fisheries and aquaculture.