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Brexit generates expectations among Indian seafood export

INDIA | Wednesday, June 29, 2016
The Brexit could represent an opportunity to boost their exports to Indian seafood traders, whose shippings to the island nation may become as they used to be during the pre-EU formation days.


Scotiabank expects fishmeal production growth
Peru | 01:00 | The standardization of oceanographic conditions after El Niño phenomenon impact and the probability of La Niña episode from weak to moderate in the coming months have led Scotiabank experts to predict a recovery in the Peruvian fishmeal sector in the second half this year. Full Story
IEO involved in ambitious project to study Atlantic deep-sea ecosystem
Spain | 00:10 | IEO researchers participate in ATLAS project, which will be the largest and most ambitious research project undertaken to date to study the Atlantic deep-sea ecosystems. Full Story
Lack of skipjack worries Basque, Asturian and Galician fishermen
Spain | 22:50 | The absence of skipjack is worrying to Galician, Asturian and Basque fishermen, since for this point in the fishing season discharges should be much bulkier. Full Story
Responsible Tilapia Production
Netuno's tilapia ASC certified production is completely integrated with optimal practices throughout the entire process, from hatchery to processing.
The Maine Lobster Industry Ramps Up For Peak Season
Maine lobster's fishermen and industry leaders anticipate an on-time start to the harvest, following a record-breaking season in 2015.
French Company Sapmer Confirmed Friend of the Sea and FAD Free
Sapmer's vessels have a responsible fishing policy that minimizes the impact on immature fish and other associated species and thus contributes to reduction of discards.
LoveTheWild Expands Distribution of Innovative Frozen Fish
LoveTheWild reimagines frozen fish with innovative entrée kits and expands distribution to Sprouts, Wegmans and select independent grocers.
First ambitious ocean-cleansing project presented
Netherlands At a port in The Hague, Dutch environment minister has launched the biggest prototype clean-up boom in an attempt to clear the Pacific of its plastic debris.
Brexit victory causes bitter-sweet reactions
United Kingdom The result of the referendum vote for the UK to leave the EU has been received with mixed feelings of 'uncertainty' for some representatives of the fishing sector and 'excitement' for Brexiting fishermen.
Shellfish contagious cancer spread discovered
United States A new study suggests that direct transmission of cancer among some marine animals may be more common than once thought.
European Parliament supports new bluefin tuna recovery plan
European Union The European Parliament yesterday approved the final agreement on the Regulation that will from now on settle the multiannual recovery plan for bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean.